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“When you ignore your gift, you runaway from your purpose.” 

My Mission

is to restore the lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown and assist others in searching for the truth. Lunar Insight has presented research that establishes the validity of Astrology. My dedication to research continues. Astrology is spiritual and among the oldest of mysteries. I encourage the community--including practitioners, researchers, educators, and students--to participate in the research on this web site. Lunar Insight's goal is that you achieve knowledge on your purpose that God has created you for.


Why Did the Astrologers Bring Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh ... to Jesus?

All of these were costly gifts.To show that Jesus was a king.
Sometimes the gold is said to symbolize virtue, frankincense prayer, and myrrh suffering.

Perhaps the only thing God wanted us to know was the why. If we examine that, than we can uncover the secret message of the Astrologers.


Here is Matthew’s account. “Astrologers from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, 'Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him'" (2:1-2, ). "On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh” (2:11).



The why is clear: “[we] come to worship him.” This is one of the first accounts of anyone worshipping Jesus. God could have sent the greatest musicians, the most talented artists or the most articulate writers to set the first example of what it looks like to worship Jesus—but He didn't. He sent three Astrologers who are known as the wise men that gave Him gifts of great value.

Their worship of Christ cost them something. They gave treasures of tremendous value that were no doubt a great sacrifice. The three wise men ( Astrologers) may be the first time in scripture that a monetary sacrifice is seen as an act of worship, but the theme is repeated throughout the Gospel.

 This is why the three wise men came bearing valuable gifts and gave them as an act of worship. This is why the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man spending all he has on a costly pearl. This is why “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:24This is the secret of the wise men (Astrologers)

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The Wise Men




God's Sacred Language.

The universe is never silent concerning the nature of our God. All creation speaks of God's greatness,
love,and mercy. When studied carefully. God left us a powerful testimony of his existence, long before he inspired men to write his truth in the Bible, but God's message was lost when sin entered the world and God's truth became corrupted by man, this is why God gives us a warning in Revelation 22 v 18-21.

All creation speaks of God to those who know God's sacred language. The most intriguing of these testimonies in creation shows God's constant, unchanging nature can be found on earth.
Every mountain, tree, plant, animal and human being attests to God's greatness- but only when viewed spiritually with God's allegorical language. God has never been silent. It all started when God fashioned all the stars, moons, and planets in our universe. God first "wrote" this testimony into his creation using his sacred language where men cannot pervert.




“God wants us to look at the biblical calendar,”  “The reason we need to be watching is [because] He will signal His appearance. But we have to know what to be watching as well. So we need to be watching the biblical holidays.” and not man's calendar who has changed the times to suite his own purpose.




The New Moon for September 24, 2014 at 2:12 am PST.
1-2 Degrees of the Sun and Moon in Libra are extremely critical degrees, What begins under this New Moon may or may not last. Cardinal signs indicate strong beginnings, but lack the stability of the fixed signs or the adaptability of the mutable signs. Libra often signifies the beginning of a relationship and it's usually of significant importance in the life. Where is Libra in your chart? below you will find the influence of the Sun and Moon based on your time of birth.

Your New Moon is located in your seventh house indicating a fresh start for calling in a significant other. You might find power in rituals for love and/or marriage, like creating a wish list of traits -- I did this, and got what I requested in my man. A time of reflection and ah-has about certain important people in your life. Possible realizations for the need to forgive, or ask for forgiveness, or balance out a relationship with deeds. Clarity is at a peak, for more awareness about relating, and your part in it. The door is open to revealing talks that set a new foundation for your life together.

Your New Moon is located in your sixth house indicating a Ideal for sweeping away cobwebs and general cleaning frenzies! Mental powers are at a peak, for seeing what's off balance in your daily routine. You can wield Libra's sword of illumination, to cut out distractions and draining detours. A good one for kicking off a new healthy living program. There's double momentum when you pair up with a friend, to keep each other company. Also good lunation for editing, doing fine detail work, detoxing.

Your New Moon is Located in your fifth house indicating that It's time to look at how others (like a lover) reflects on who you are. Do you feel respected and even admired by friends, your children or a beloved? A fresh start for the creative, dramatic sides of your personality. New plans are hatched, to step into the spotlight and show more of who you really are. Also great for a boost of play, adventure travel, outings just-for-fun. A reminder of the need for leisure, to enjoy a balanced life.

Your New Moon is located in your forth house indicating  a frenzy of de-cluttering, or decide to display family heirlooms. The muse is with you to give voice to childhood impressions, so keep the journal near. Take time to soak in hot baths and sleep deeply, for dreams that feel oh so real. You might realize your true needs and vow to look into support circles or reconnect with close friends or family

Your New Moon is located in your third house indicating mental sharpness and an impulse to socialize, particularly with your closer friends, colleagues or business partners. You might have hits about cultural events, classes or workshops to experience with your beloved. Some divinely inspired messages come about what's piquing your curiosity. Is it time to begin a new learning adventure? What media are you subscribing to, and is it up-to-date with who you are now? A lunation for catching up with acquaintances, siblings and extended family. You get out of any mental funks, and the spirit of change is in the air.

Your New Moon is located in your second house indicating that your thoughts turn to your home, where you could have visions for making it cozier and lovelier. Chuck items in your environment that throws you off balance. It's time for a major seasonal clean, for more spaciousness. Thoughts about an art or craft comes to the fore. Intentions are set to honor natural talents, and invest in them. Concerns about finances are in bold, and any related issues of fairness. A hot topic is what's bringing a fair return on your investment of time, talents and resources.

Your New Moon is located in your first house indicating a atmosphere of the Self -- looks, social behaviors, aura -- are foremost for this lunation. Is your inner beauty showing up in your self-image? Cast off garb that's not longer "you." Invite the muse to assist in upping the impact of your self-presentation. Time for self-pampering at the holistic spa or salon. Get a reboot of balance, since that's your calling card. What's the impression and message you send out? This is a New Moon for freshening up.

Your New Moon is located in your twelfth house indicating a time to retreat, as this is a lunation of subtle mystery. Great for filling your spiritual and emotional well. A wrap up dark of the Moon, to prepare for a new cycle. Look for ways to get into altered states of relaxation, to access more of what's swirling around. With the Libra factor, there can be articulation of what defies being put into words. Your refuge transports and grounds you when its both an enchanting and beautiful place to be. Fine art, cinema, music or literature hits those notes you're looking for. What's elevating and sublime brings on miracles of completion -- forgiveness, release, cord cutting, clearing the psychic landscape.


Your New Moon is located in your eleventh house indicating a urge is to belong to a social scene in a meaningful way. Your epiphanies come about friend circles and allies -- how strong is your social safety net? A fresh start might mean joining in somehow. An example is becoming part of a guild or association related to your field. Also, a lunation for unexpected jolts that come from beyond your known experience. Leave space at the void-like dark of the Moon, for surprise downloads that awaken or pop out an innovative idea.


Your New Moon is located in your tenth house indicating that you become aware of your status or standing in society. Or get an inkling of how you'd like to make your mark. The new Moon preoccupations here are long range -- career achievements, establishing yourself as an authority, leaving a legacy. You've got especially keen awareness of how you're being received, based on the reactions of others. This is a time to consolidate gains, and consider partnering in new ways. The feedback you get from others is meaningful now. Seek wise counsel from impartial friends or colleagues. It's a fresh start for your career outlook.

Your New Moon is located in your ninth house indicating that it's about expanding your sphere, whether with travel or gaining wisdom. You might call in a teacher, or become a teacher in your field. Your travel plans might include another, or perhaps you dream of meeting someone special abroad. A time to reconnect with friends far afield, to see through their eyes. We seek experiences that stretch us, and give us a panoramic world view. A lunation to revive your faith, that things are unfolding as they should. If stagnation has held, let the dark Moon muse drop possible adventures into your dream time. One adventure could be embarking on the field of exploration (in or out of academia) where your true passions lie.

Your New Moon is located in your eighth house. Here comes the deepest kind of dark Moon metamorphosis. The eighth is for transmuting something in a process of surrender, facing fears of the unknown, and rebirth. It's making room for buried creative potential, the kind that needs to live, or it festers and takes on a demonic life of its own. Issues related to intimacy, baring the soul, and giving over the self in sex (the little death) come to the fore. You might also see traditional themes of inheritance or merging finances come up. A lunation to meet the shadow, and cracking open seeds with the purifying element of fire.



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 (Supermoon 2014 lights up the dark  nights across the globe! on September 9, 2014.)



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