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“When you ignore your gift, you runaway from your purpose.” 

My mission here is to restore the lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown and assist others in searching for the truth. Lunar Insight has presented research that establishes the validity of Astrology. My dedication to research continues. Lunar Insight's goal is that you achieve knowledge on your purpose that God has created you for.

God created the Sun Moon and Stars for a purpose, the wise men who understood the law's of the universe are the true Physican guided by God.

Methuselah the son of Enoch:
 To know wisdom and instruction concerning women,to perceive the words of knowledge, where by the women of his choice may be judged. The fear of women is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise experience and instruction. My son, here these instruction's, and forsake not the law of those who walk safely nor are distracted by women's ways. So that you mays regard discretion, and that thy lips shall win praise of women.
For the joys of your life shall be many. Where you go she will gladly receive you; and when you flirt you shall not stumble. For the days of my life are nine hundred, sixty nine years, and I have known many women. Here my instruction my son's, I counsel you , introduce no female contemporaries one to another; verily, keep they loves apart, for their wrath kindle and bitter words arise when your doings are made plain. For to a women all women are enemies; yet men are allies, one with another. Make no manner of personal remark to a women, unless, peradventure, if you wish to here it misquoted in your ear for seventy seven years. It's hard to believe that nine hundred and sixty nine years would be none too short a time for any one man to have accumulated such a profound lore.

Women tell us that the present span of life is entirely too brief for any ordinary man to obtain the slightest comprehension of the extreme complexity of feminine psychology. Men live and die with out having acquired the rudiments of its categories. Methuselah himself, despite his unrivalled opportunities for investigation, could hardly have formulated so exhaustive a hand-,or shall we say, heart-book, without some help from his contemporaries. On Methuselah's five hundredth birthday having lived out-of-doors all his life, was visited by an angel, who advised him to build himself a house.
" How much longer have I to live? " the old man inquired. " About five hundred years, " replied the visitant. " Oh, well, then, " said Methuselah, " I hardly think it's worth while for me to bother myself, just for that little while! King Solomon asserts that Methuselah died seven days before the Deluge, now curiously enough, the scriptures do not chronicle the death of Shem, although the statement is made that he lived for five hundred years after begetting Arphaxed. According to some scriptues he was given the name of Melchizedek and his his last resting-place was in the land of Og, king of Bashan, but other Talmudic legends narrate that he, was with his brothers, and fell asleep in a cave and did not awake till the nativity, when Shem, Ham, and Japhet appeared as the wise men of the east.

I moved from New Jersey in 1973 to Culver city Ca and in those days
I use to visit the old book shops in Hollywood, there was this one book store that I like to visit because all the books that they sold would come from Great Britain and other parts of the world. It was in 1973 that I got this book on the wisdom of Methuselah, so it's been in my library for 37 years, so today I decided to share some scriptures concerning the oldest man who ever lived according to what has been written by man. In my research over the years I have found eleven apocryphal writings of Shem that are known to exist. As regards the women from whom Methuselah derived his knowledge, history and tradition show that he had a wide field for investigation. More on Methuselah in the days' to come. My son, keep my words and lay up my commandments with thee, that they may keep you from her who flatter thee with honed words.


Hebrew Roots/New Moon

"God said, 'Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate day from night; they shall serve as signs for the set times - the days and the years; and they shall serve as lights in the expanse of the sky to shine upon the earth.' And it was so. God made the two great lights, the greater light to dominate the day and the lesser light to dominate the night, and the stars." Gen .1:14-16

These two great lights are the sun, and the moon, respectively. The word for 'set times' here is moedim (appointed times) which is the very word that Yahweh chooses to use to describe His festivals. One more passage that speaks of these two lights is found in Psalms 104:19: "He made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows when to set."



This passage clearly sets the moon apart as the main marker of the seasons, while the sun is to mark the day. The moon that reflects the light of the Sun confirms throughout the month as it waxes and wanes that the created order is not chaotic. Its visible rebirth each month is very orderly and precise, but not absolutely predictable. Therefore, each month has a degree of expectancy about it.



The Ordination of the New Moon
The months in the Sacred calendar are established as lunar months. Therefore the sighting of the new moon was ordained to establish the beginning of the monthly cycle and therefore the first day of the month. The moon's full cycle of illumination lasts a little over 29 days. Thus we have our biblical months of either 29 or 30 days.



The New Moon is a precise astronomical event and can occur on different days because of the rotation of the earth. The determination of the New Moon, therefore, must be determined from the time in which it occurs in Jerusalem to ensure the uniformity of religious worship throughout the world, given increased communication.



This is based upon scripture which places Jerusalem as the throne of Yahweh (Jeremiah 3:17), the centre-point of the law which will be given under Messiah (Isaiah 2: 3) through the waters of the Spirit (Zechariah 8:22; 14:8-21). God has placed His name there for ever (2 Chronicles 33: 4) Before the time of modern calendars, the new moon was vitally important as it was the official announcement of when the new month had begun. Because Yahweh gave commandment to observe the feasts and festivals in their given times it was vital to keep accurate count of when the new month began to celebrate the festivals correctly.














Partial Solar Eclipse On August 11th 2018 In All It's Glory. 




The Moon Hasn't Been This Close in Almost 69
On Monday (Nov. 14) at 8:52 a.m. EST, in New York the Full Moon will arrive at its closest point to the Earth in 2016: a distance of 221,524 miles (356,508 kilometers) away. This distance, which is measured from the center of the Earth to the center of the moon, is within 85 miles (137 km) of the moon's closest possible approach to Earth; to be sure, this is an extreme perigee.
Two hours and 37 minutes after perigee (the moon's closest point to Earth), the orb will officially turn full. In recent years, the media has branded full moons that coincide with perigee as "supermoons," and this month's full moon will likely get a lot of extra attention since it will be the closest since Jan. 26, 1948. So be prepared. It is certain that there will be considerable ballyhoo over this particular full moon. (I wonder if there will be somebody who will dare call this a "Super-duper-moon?") The full moon won't approach this close again until November 2034, although there were even closer full moons in January 1912 and January 1930






New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 1, 2016. 2:02 PM PST and 5:02 PM EST. A great time to tune into the universe and all that's around you.


Strawberry Full Moon makes this summer solstice a rare thing.


Once in-a-lifetime special. The 2016 North America summer solstice happens on June 20, 2016 at 6:34 PM EDT.That's the very moment when, essentially, the Sun stands still at its northern most point seen from Earth. It's zenith doesn't yearn north or south, but waits patiently at the Tropical of Cancer before switching directions and heading south again. This is where the word solstice comes from. It's the Northern Hemisphere's first summer solstice full moon since 1967. What makes this so special is that the Full Moon and the solstice happen the same day.




 The New Moon takes place at 19 degrees 16 min of Aquarius at 6:40 Am in Los Angeles and at 9:40 Am in New York on February 8, 2016.


A rare celestial show this week. 


A rare celestial show this week.
Five planets line up in the pre-dawn sky for the first time in 11 years. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible at the same time.All 5 planets will can be seen before dawn at 6.50 am EST on Wednesday. They will be visible each day before dawn through February 20, 2016.
Mercury moves from evening to morning sky. Mercury is at the tail end of a fine evening apparition for the Northern Hemisphere. Because Mercury reaches perihelion – its nearest point to the sun – on January 8, that means the solar system’s innermost and swiftest planet is speeding up all the more. It'll pass in between the Earth and sun on January 14, to transition over to the morning sky. This world will become visible in the eastern sky before sunrise, starting around January 20.
Once Mercury enters into the morning sky, it'll join up with the other four morning planets – Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn – to feature the first appearance of all five visible planets in the same sky since the year 2005. Look for all five visible planets to adorn the predawn/dawn sky from about January 20 to February 20, 2016!
 expect people from both Earth’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres to see Mercury with relative ease by around January 25. Mercury will be at its best in the morning sky for several weeks, centered around February 7, 2016. At this juncture, Mercury rises about 80 minutes before the sun at mid-northern latitudes. At temperate latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere, Mercury rises a whopping two hours (120 minutes) before sunrise.
As always, no matter where you live, binoculars help out with any Mercury quest.
Although Mercury’s upcoming morning apparition will be a good one for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, it definitely favors the Southern Hemisphere. Mercury might be visible for the whole month of February, 2016 in the Southern Hemisphere. The stars Antares and Spica will also be visible in the same patch of sky. Uranus and Neptune are the only two planets that won't be seen.
Next occurrence in 2040 “grand conjunction” of planets would occur 24 years from now, on Sept. 10, 2040 when the five planets will appear close together in the sky. The difference is that in 2040 all planets line up in the sign Libra creating a need for balance.




The Eiffel Tower has been lit up in the colors of the South African flag in memory of Nelson Mandela.


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