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Happy Birthday Aquarius !!!

“When you ignore your gift, you runaway from your purpose.” 

The mission here is to restore the lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown and assist others in searching for the truth. Lunar Insight has presented research that establishes the validity of Astrology. My dedication to research continues. Astrology is spiritual and among the oldest of mysteries. I encourage the community--including practitioners, researchers, educators, and students--to participate in the research on this web site. Lunar Insight's goal is that you achieve knowledge on your purpose that God has created you for.



Mercury is Retrograde on January 21 at, 10:50 am EST, and 7;50 am PST this morning.

In the event you were a bit discouraged and wondering whether anything positive occurs during a Mercury Retrograde - I have some great news! Here are some amazingly good things that could happen to you during Mercury retrograde.

1. Finding Lost Items. This is a great time to search for personal items you lost a long time ago. Things you lost months or even years ago, will finally turn up. This is when you pull up the cushion on your old couch and discover a treasure trove of lost earrings or the phone number of someone you really wanted to ask out on a date. I've had clients find objects such as a set of keys they misplaced or a valuable ring they were sure was stolen.

2. Hearing From People in Your Past. You'll hear from an old friend or contact that you wrote months ago and never heard back from. Don't be surprised if you're contacted by your "old flame," wanting to say hello and see how you are. I had an ex-fiancee I hadn't heard from in years, call me in the middle of Mercury retrograde to see if I was still single and available.

3. Hearing From Old Clients or Employers. If you're in sales, expect to get a call from a client who refused to do business with you. But now, he's very interested. If you've been looking for a job and have been waiting for a response from a particular employer, you may hear back from them during these three weeks.

4. Finishing Old Projects. This is a great time to finish any projects that you started before Mercury went retrograde. You won't experience the problems that come with starting new projects now. Instead, you'll enjoy completing it, whether it's a home re-modeling project or finishing planting your garden.

5. Polishing Up a Great Idea. Fabulous time to re-consider and re-evaluate old plans and projects that need more "polishing." The flaws and mistakes you discover now give you the opportunity to make needed changes so that a "good" idea can be a "great" idea when you're done.

6. Running Stress-Free Meetings. Decision-making meetings produce extra stress during the retrograde period. Even worse - they usually lead to ill-considered decisions that aren't successful. So it's a great idea to make use of the positive purpose of the retrograde, which is to re-evaluate and re-consider ideas and plans. If you tell meeting attendees this is the purpose of the meeting, you'll have better results and lower everyone's stress level.

7. Discovering Problems You Can Finally Fix. Have you ever heard a "water drip," but couldn't find where it was coming from? Well, you will during Mercury retrograde. It's a great time to solve a mystery, and to discover a solution to a problem you've had. If your auto or computer has a problem, it will show up during the retrograde which gives you the opportunity to fix it, once and for all (even if you make the actual repair when Mercury is direct).

8. Learning the Truth. Remember: while Mercury is retrograde - there is something you do NOT know. However, it's great news to know that it's only temporary, because when Mercury goes direct on November 10th you'll find out the truth. You may find out that "too good to be true" real estate deal was: "too good to be true." Or, that suit you thought was too expensive for your budget just went on a 50% clearance sale; or that romance you were excited about wasn't what you thought it was. (Beware: cheating spouses.)

9. Corruption is Exposed. The "bad guys" finally get caught. All criminals make mistakes during their life of crime. Those mistakes are often revealed during the retrograde. You'll be delighted to read in the newspaper about corrupt officials or crooks who are exposed at this time.

10. You'll Laugh More. Listen to the news. You'll read about crazy mistakes that will make you smile and laugh even more. 



Saturn turns retrograde on March 14, 2015

A retrograde Saturn makes the individual seek a different kind of responsibility and purpose in life. Through life experiences, they reciprocate with a slow persistence of reaching their goals in life. The House occupied by Saturn shows the area which the native will have to strive hard for success. Saturn’s postion in the chart is where the person needs to address the demands and responsibilities of life.
Saturn turning retrograde gives us the opportunity to go back and reorganize or renegotiate our existing activities or commitments.  It is essential that you do not start any new business activity while Saturn is retrograde.  But working on the existing activities will help you in consolidation during this period. Retrograde Saturn delivers both good and bad results. You will get a lot of new ideas and this will help you plan your future. It enables an individual to tackle the difficulties in ongoing assignments and simultaneously start new ones.

When Saturn goes retrograde there would be conflicts with authorities. There would be some amount of abuse involved. Even you might misuse your authoritative position to a certain extent. There would be troubles in getting yourself heard in your work place. Only patience pays till Saturn turns direct.
If Saturn is retrograde in birth chart, it makes a person less confident, suspicious and dependant on future. Such a person may have to face enmity with relatives, especially siblings. However, they are very religious. They absorb the energy around them and intuitively know what is going on and how to protect themselves. Saturn also represents limitations. It deals with programs, organizations and all things that deal with better systems, processes and hard work.
Saturn retrograde period will assist you in completing anything that is left undone, unattended to, partially completed or not completed at all.  It gives you time to do them. Saturn retrograde assists you to work beyond your limitations by showing you that you are capable of doing far more than you thought you could. It gives you the ability to see more deeply into people, situations and things around you.  It brings more wisdom to you but remember that this wisdom is usually gained from hard work and hands on experiences.  


 Retrograde planets and surgery 


We have all read or heard about situations like the following: “They forgot the cotton ball inside my incision!” “They left the scalpel in my abdomen!” “The gauze was left in my neck after surgery.” “I didn't want a DD breast implant; I clearly said I wanted a size C.” “Everything was almost perfect but, not quite as perfect as my friend’s surgery that was performed by the same doctor.” What is going on here? Welcome to the world of Mercury and Venus retrograde.

Up until several hundred years ago, one of the main jobs of an Astrologer was to diagnose disease and to find the best possible time to perform surgery. Hippocrates said, “A physician cannot safely administer medicine if he is not acquainted with understanding the meaning and motion of the planets that our heavenly father created...” 


One area where we have full control over is the timing of an operation is in the area of elective surgery: procedures performed in an effort to make ourselves aesthetically more pleasing or to correct a physical deformity. Anything that has to do with beauty — beautiful things like fabrics, jewelry, house remodeling or plastic surgery — belong to the world of Venus.

The planet Mercury symbolizes communication and timing. Mercury (or Hermes) was the messenger of the gods, running back and forth between them conveying messages, playing practical jokes on them and doing business with them at the same time.

So what happens when the planets Venus and Mercury are retrograde? As far as Venus is concerned, symbolically speaking, the beauty “turns away.” In other words, beauty is not present at its full potential. When Mercury is retrograde we miscommunicate, forget, misplace and miss connections. Then, of course, we need to redo things to straighten them out. Some examples of surgeries performed during these periods. 


Plastic surgery also is not recommended when:

Venus is in close proximity to Saturn — More pain than usual is often experienced, the surgery may not be “beautiful” enough, and the client often is not pleased with the results.

Neptune makes difficult aspects to the Ascending sign of the horoscope, Venus or Mars — The client has unrealistic expectations, so no matter how flawless everything is, she/he will not be pleased. There might be problems with the anesthesia, usually a case of giving too much, which may cause the patient to take longer to wake up, or to experience nausea. 


Full Moon The Moon rules the bodily fluids, and during its opposition to the Sun, there is more bleeding than usual during surgeries than usual.

No time is ever perfect, but if we have a tool that can help us avoid major complications, why not use it?

What can we do if the only day the doctor has time for surgery is not the best time?

Talk to the doctor and the anesthesiologist, and insist that more blood supply be available than planned. Most doctors will comply with this request because nobody wants a lawsuit.

Have a member of your family talk to the nurses in the recovery room about everyone washing their hands more carefully to avoid infection. This is a Neptune influence as well.

If the surgery is life-threatening, do it as soon as possible regardless of planetary aspects, and just deal with it. Your life is the number one consideration.









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The first New Moon of the New Year on January 20, 2015.
This first Supermoon of the New Year will be a no-show but it will still influence the tides. This New Moon will take place in Aquarius, Aquarius is an Air sign, and it inspires us to seek a conceptual understanding that's beyond our subjective feelings. We feel the excitement of being on the edge, and we are eager to express ourselves with originality. The heavens part, inviting magic as enlightening Uranus enters the New Moon picture. Nevertheless, we still may face delays over the coming weeks because mental Mercury grinds to a halt, turning retrograde on January 21.
To learn find out the influence of this New Moon in your sign read below.
Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Everything in your world seems to be saying yes these days, while, oddly enough, your mind is telling you to wait. Meanwhile, the quirky Aquarius New Moon enlivens your 11th House of Friends, so you could still have fun even if you don't make a lot of progress. Remember, your current self-restraint works in your favor, as long as you don't confuse everyone with your mixed messages. Make a game plan and stick with your chosen  of action, no matter what. Your uncharacteristic tenacity earns you respect.
Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Although you may be determined to achieve success on your own terms, you're not prepared to jeopardize your job security. The Aquarius New Moon fortifies your 10th House of Public Responsibility, encouraging you to find a way to fulfill your obligations without sacrificing your freedom. Thankfully, you can act independently while also playing it safe. Taking a calculated risk doesn't require you to completely break away from your familiar routines. You won't go wrong if you have logic on your side.
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Your mind is crackling with the sparks of unconventional thoughts as the ingenious Aquarius New Moon activates your 9th House of Big Ideas. Although your current philosophy may be an impractical one, you can still communicate your perspective with such insistence that others will sit up and listen. However, your words might require extra time to sink in because your key planet Mercury is slowing down to a crawl. Don't try to prove that you're right; instead, focus on the process and not on the destination.
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
You might need to deal with someone who tries to avoid a deep emotional discussion, but the intellectual intensity of the Aquarius New Moon brightens your 8th House of Deep Sharing, so you refuse to give up easily. You are quite serious about being heard, and you won't let a conversation end until you believe that your message is understood. But don't worry too much if you fall short of creating a real connection yet, as long as you maintain your integrity.
Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)
It's all-too-easy to make a sincere promise because your relationship intentions are crystal clear with the intelligent Aquarius New Moon falling in your 7th House of Others. Nevertheless, it's challenging to follow through with an action plan that makes your heart happy. Don't let unexpected delays upset you; change will come, but you can't rush the process. In the meantime, start visualizing the dynamics of your ideal partnership since your imagination is where the future begins.
Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)
There is nothing wrong with trying a radical new approach to solve a problem at work, as long as you think your plan all the way through first. The Aquarius New Moon's presence in your 6th House of Work is a mixed blessing; you want to fulfill your responsibilities, but you don't want to do everything the same old way. Although you may dazzle your peers with your brilliance, don't get so carried away with your current idea that you forget about a  method that's already proven successful in the past. Blend the old with the new for the best results.
Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)
You may need to overcome your own inertia if you want to show the world your true colors. The Aquarius New Moon triggers a creative cycle as it highlights your 5th House of Self-Expression. You could encounter some challenging resistance, but your current persistence and undeniable charm enable you to win support from those who can help you the most. Although it might take longer than you expect to complete what you start, this is still your best chance to push for what you want.
Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)
Although you are interested in getting ahead on the job, you also wish you had more time for your home and family life. The conceptual Aquarius New Moon occurs in your 4th House of Foundations, focusing your needs on the basics. Even if you're required to meet social and career obligations, gradually releasing your attachment to other people's expectations gives you more time to attend to personal issues. Setting priorities isn't always easy, but the current process helps you to decide what is most important for your future.
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)
You may be busier than ever because your life is packed with a variety of things to do and people to see -- setting an exciting tone for the weeks ahead. The electric Aquarius New Moon energizes your 3rd House of Immediate Environment, distracting you with one amazing idea after another. However, this is your chance to be strategic in your planning and complete as many unfinished projects as you can. Free up as much time as possible so you're able to jump into the next wave of opportunities with a clear conscience.
Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)
You have a strong desire to shake up your approach to your  while the radical Aquarius New Moon emphasizes your 2nd House of Money. Although this is an excellent time to initiate new fiscal practices that strengthen your credibility, nothing will happen overnight. Big changes are possible if you're not in too much of a hurry during Mercury Retrograde's three-week cycle. You might want to consider meeting with a professional who can help you create a practical budget. Minimize problems down the road by assuming full responsibility for your actions.
Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)
Although you can see the benefit of clarifying your needs, sudden mood swings may conflict with your normal intellectual approach. The Aquarius New Moon highlights your 1st House of Self, empowering you to set your intentions quickly and move in an entirely new direction. Your dreams are so real that you are tempted to treat them as the truth. Instead, honor the symbols that arise from the depths of your subconscious without taking any direct action yet. Patience is your friend; you'll know in your heart when it's time to put your ideas into motion.
Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)
The most significant events in your life are occurring in realms beyond the three-dimensional world. The Aquarius New Moon stimulates your 12th House of Divine Inspiration, visions of a more spiritual existence. Happily, your imagination holds the keys to your future. But don't attempt to rationalize your creative bursts of energy; instead, just allow your fantasies to flow freely without doing anything about them. With a gentle nudge in the right direction, your dreams will become more integrated with your everyday life.

Say good by to Saturn in Scorpio on December 24th 2014.
This shift will not be final yet. We will have a taste of what Saturn in Sagittarius is all about, before it retrogrades back to Scorpio from June the 14, 2015 to September 17, 2015, when it will finally leave Scorpio for good. From there onwards, there is no going back, and it’s us who will decide if we want to stand this test and be victorious. So if you somehow chose to delay this process, which I can perfectly understand because I felt uncomfortable with it myself, keep in mind this can't be delayed any longer. Even if it’s mentally and physically exhausting right now, it will allow us to embrace our Future wholeheartedly, and enjoy the shift of Energy that will manifest with Saturn’s entrance into the Sign of Sagittarius, where the planet will transit until the year 2017.  Whatever it is that holds us back, makes us feel out of control, we can still benefit from the chance to overcome it in order to develop our depth of character, our strength and our integrity.

Upon Saturn’s transition into Sagittarius, first intermittently, and then permanently, these possibilities will fade, and we'll be presented with a new ground for challenge: Truth, Freedom, open-mindedness, spirituality, higher education, long-distance travel, distance in general. In a similar way Saturn “dissected” Scorpio, we'll see this playing out with Sagittarian themes and keywords. The tests we'll be called to endure, the restrictions we'll face, will revolve around these fields. It’s a period in time that will not be devoid of struggle although nowhere as heavy as the Saturn in Scorpio years.
Our Truth, Life values and will are always bound to clash against someone else’s as long as we don't embrace the fact that everyone incarnates on this Journey with a different purpose, a different vision, a different Life Path. Our understanding of others depends on how broad is our vision and viewpoint, how much we're prone to see the Big Picture, the Forest instead of the trees, the proverbial Moon instead of the finger, the extent to which we realize that ‘isms’ are shaping our mind set: ethnocentrism, anthropocentrism, speciesism, sexism, or just plain egocentrism.
 The coherence and integrity of our Life principles and Higher Mind will play a pivotal role in all of this. After working on the foundations of our being, we'll get to build (or test) a Higher structure and Wisdom in ourselves, and there will be little to no room for lies, embellishments or hype, not about the facts, nor about our self-image or others’, because Truth will out.
This is even more relevant in the Light of the fact that Saturn in Sagittarius will be squaring Neptune in Pisces in 2015/2016: this makes for a reality check, one that will most likely wipe away delusions and pathological idealism. We'll be called to pursue Truth first and foremost instead of a construct, to seek for the real and to find Beauty in it.
Education and economic recession will come to the forefront – we've already seen dramatic changes in the field of higher education in several countries. The one I come from, Italy, serves as the perfect example, with an ongoing debate around Universities, funding and reforms, and a number of regulations that were not always well-received by the masses. Access to this very area of Life will probably become restricted and harder to achieve.
It is said in esoteric teaching that Saturn is the planet of discipleship. “A disciple is someone who learns by surrendering to Reality, who studies minute by minute everything that Saturn has to teach, be it bitter or sweet. True disciples attempt to control their own nature, that they may influence Saturn’s influence on themselves.”
      Saturn is like the stern look of the guru. When you look into his eyes you see the mirror of your folly and your human creation. There can be fear in this experience, but if you let the transmutable fires of Saturn’s gaze go through you, you will come out the other side free from the substance and the habit patterns that got you there in the first place.
      Saturn dries you up and parches your thirst to where you feel nothing-that is nothing that is not real. When karma is due, the swiftness of how it descends, sometimes with great terror, just like what happened to King Vikramaditya, can be devastating. That is why Saturn is viewed with fear and terror. However, he delivers nothing that hasn't been ordered. He is simply the messenger and harbinger of our fate. When he comes to our door, time is up and putting off the inevitable of paying for our mistakes is not possible. However, once the karma is balanced and time is served, there is wonderful relief to the soul.
     The key is to learn the lesson that Saturn teaches and not repeat the behavior. It is imperative that you get wise and become conscious of the fact that what is delivered to your doorstep can't be blamed on anyone else, that you have to vomit that part of yourself out of the subconscious like Saturn did and face it. It is said- what is not brought to the conscious mind is lived out as fate.






The Eiffel Tower has been lit up in the colors of the South African flag in memory of Nelson Mandela.


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